10 Reasons Why Your Website Needs Search Engine Optimisation

Were you aware that the first position on Google attracts over 42% of the clicks from a search?

This exciting statistic reveals how important it is for a business to rank well with the search engines, because as you’re rankings drop, so does your traffic and sales figures – which is something no ambitious business owner wants.

Whether you already have an SEO strategy in place for your business or whether you are about to kick start your business with an SEO campaign, if your business is currently ranking past page two of the search results then it is time to shake up your SEO plan of action and address why you may be missing out on those all essential clicks.

If you are new to SEO and are considering it for your business for the first time, then know this –

SEO is one of the most powerful and cost-effective marketing tools out there for businesses

With the vast majority of consumers now relying on the search engines to find their services and products, it is more important than ever to have an easy-to-find, search engine and customer friendly website that will function as a 24/7 money-making machine for you and your business.

At SEO Essex we are incredibly passionate about SEO and confident in its ability to transform the success of businesses. So, if you are keen to find out more about SEO and the profit-generating potential within your business, then read on for our top ten essential reasons for utilising a well-thought out SEO strategy.

1)     Without SEO, your website will attract nothing but ‘virtual dust’.

It is all very well and good paying an expert web designer for an ‘all singing and all dancing’ website that look nice, but how will it be of any use to your business if no one can find it? Unless your website is properly indexed and ranking well for its relevant search terms and keywords, customers will be completely unable to find your website, leaving your website to sit there unused collecting nothing but ‘virtual dust’.

With over 85% of modern consumers now relying on the internet to search for their products and services, you cannot afford to have a website that nobody can find. This is where SEO steps in – as a search engine optimised website will benefit from greater online exposure and easy visibility for online search users.

2)     SEO is your 24/7 business salesman.

Does your business have a sales target that you would ideally like to reach? Thanks to SEO and an improved online presence, larger quantities of online traffic will make its way to your website, sending targeted and ready-to-buy customers your way. Even better still, with effective on-site optimisation and conversion rate optimisation services there is more control behind your strategy of trying to exceed your sales target.

Here at SEO Essex we ensure that our clients benefit from both professional on-site/off-site SEO and CRO, which means that your website can function as a 24/7 salesman, converting as many leads into sales as possible for your business.

3)     SEO brings your business face to face with customers.

Many of our SEO packages will incorporate social media such as Facebook, allowing you to interact more readily with customers and appeal to a larger customer base. Using social media, your business can keep customers up-to-date on all of your latest business news, as well as launch products, offer promotions and gain an increased understanding of your target market. All in all, social media can prove extremely effective in attracting and retaining repeat custom for your business.

4)     SEO can help you to build a recognisable brand.

Brand awareness for your business can be important for retaining current customers, but more importantly, attracting new ones. With a viable SEO strategy, your website can begin to rank amongst some of your biggest competitors at the top of the search engines – this will not only bring your business to the attention of larger numbers of online search users, but will also help to portray you as a popular, trustworthy and recognisable brand.

5)     SEO will give you a better insight into the minds of search users and your target market.

Before we embark on any SEO campaign for our clients, it is essential that we use analytical tools to research statistics and keyword analytics to determine which keywords are being most commonly searched for amongst online search users. This then enables us to provide our clients with a fully optimised website that specifically targets what customers are searching for.

These analytics are then also used to regularly review the progress of a website and to ensure that it is still fully optimised to meet the needs of customers. This means carrying out a full analysis on search engine performance, conversion and traffic rates – allowing you to gain an improved understanding into what works best for your target market.

6)     SEO will show you a return on your money.

In comparison to alternative marketing strategies, such as taking out an advert in a magazine or on the television, an SEO campaign is relatively low in cost and provides your business with 24/7 advertisement – in the form of a highly optimised website, that will continually work to convert potential leads into successful sales. Because of this, when you are paying for an SEO campaign you can expect to see a full return on your money, plus profit.

7)     SEO will bring out your competitive side.

Over recent years, the internet has become an increasingly competitive place to be, with larger and larger numbers of businesses all competing within the same niche to stand out. It doesn’t matter how big or small the niche or market your business may be in, if there are other businesses trying to sell the same products or services as you (which you can be sure there will be!) you need to be using SEO to rank well and stand out from the crowd.

Simply put, if you are not making the most of SEO but your competing businesses are, then you will be left far, far behind. After all, why would any customers opt for your business over those that they immediately spot at the top of Google? Use SEO to stay ahead of the competition and become the go-to site amongst customers.

8)     SEO will add much-needed value to your business.

One key advantage of SEO that is often overlooked by business owners is the value that SEO could potentially add to a business. A website that generates a great deal of targeted traffic is instantly worth a lot more, proving a valuable asset to your business.

9)     SEO will enhance your organic listings.

Does your business not have the budget to accommodate paid search listings? Although PPC marketing can be beneficial for some marketing campaigns, SEO can be the more cost-effective and beneficial option as it has been proven that 90% of search users will click on organic listings rather than the paid listings. Therefore, focusing your attentions on your SEO campaign will prove more beneficial to your business and your wallet in the long-run.

10)  With good SEO – anything is possible for your business!

In comparison to a PPC marketing campaign where the amount of visitors you can receive is capped according to your budget, with organic SEO the sky really is the limit with how much traffic your website can generate! Therefore, when you rely on our SEO services you will be thrilled to learn that you can achieve a website that can potentially attract limitless numbers of customers – showing you an extremely positive return on your initial investment.


If you are interested in learning more about what a powerful SEO strategy could do for your business and are eager to see your business competing alongside some of your biggest competitors at the top of the search engines, then do not hesitate to contact SEO Essex.

Our passionate and highly expert SEO team of professionals can help to formulate a successful SEO plan for your business that will enable you to stand out to online users and surpass your competitors – all at a budget to suit you.

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