5 Golden Rules To Quality Content On Your Website

When It Comes To Keeping Your Customers Happy, Does Your Web Content Tick All Of The Right Boxes?

Find Out Exactly What Your Website Should Be Offering Its Visitors

You are probably already well aware that valuable content can make a crucial difference in the success of your business’s website, proving beneficial in securing a larger customer base and increased sales for your business. However, although you know that your website should be offering exceptional quality content, do you really know what this content should include or what your customers expect to gain from it?

Knowing your customers and understanding what they are looking for is very important, as it can be helpful for writing valuable, high-quality content that will not only draw customers in but will also result in a much higher conversion rate for your business.

The best way of finding out what customers expect from your professional website is to put yourself in your customer’s shoes! Take a look over the following checklist of all of the things customers look for in a website and ensure that your website is getting it right. If you’re already ticking all of the boxes then your website is already well on its way to increasing its customer base and sales; however, if you are not meeting this criteria then you may find that visitors to your site are not getting what they need and are clicking off-page faster than you would like.

So, does your website pass the test? Find out now!

Quality Content Golden Rule 1

‘Am I In The Right Place?’ The first thing that a customer will want to know is whether or not your website is relevant to what they have searched for. First impressions are everything; therefore you need to ensure that as soon as a visitor is presented with your website that they can immediately recognise the following – who you are and what services/goods you are offering.

So, immediately make it very obvious who you are and what you can do for the customer. Using easy-to-understand and lively language will also encourage visitors to stop and take a second to find out more about your business.

Quality Content Golden Rule 2

‘Is This A Business I Can Trust?’ Once the customer has established that you are offering what they are looking for, the next question that they will undoubtedly ask is – are you credible? Your professional website can answer this question for you and if done correctly, will help to immediately build trust with potential buying-customers.

Including client names or examples of work that you have completed for past clients is one great way of demonstrating your credentials. Customer testimonials, success stories, news articles on your business or even awards that your business have won are all also fantastic things to include on your site to help you stand out as a reputable business that customers can trust.

Quality Content Golden Rule 3

‘Do They Know What They Are Talking About?’ Before doing business with you or even thinking about paying for your services, any visitor will want to see that you are experts at what you do. After all, they are thinking about giving their money to you, and as a result will want some kind of reassurance that you can guarantee them what you are offering.

To demonstrate your expertise in your field area, your website should contain nothing but the highest-quality content offering expert advice and knowledge on your business’s niche. This could mean including well-thought out blog posts, e-books or even a business book – all of which should help to reinforce your status as leading experts within your industry.

Quality Content Golden Rule 4

‘Could I Work Well With This Business?’ A website that is personable and that gives customers a real sense of who you are as a company and the people behind it can help to give you that extra edge over your competitor sites.

Customers will want to feel as though they can trust the people that they are working with and not handing over their money to a faceless corporation. So try to let your passion for your business shine through in your content; include an interesting ‘About Us’ or ‘Meet The Team‘ page with photos, get your website involved in social media or even create a regular newsletter with interesting news on what’s been taking place ‘behind the scenes’ of your business.

Quality Content Golden Rule 5

‘How Do I Get In Contact?’ Finally, the most important thing to remember is to make it easy for customers to get in touch with you. For many this may sound incredibly obvious, but far too many sites fail to remember the importance of making it easy for customers to contact them. A customer may only try to contact you once and if your contacting process is too complicated or time-consuming, customers will be sure to turn elsewhere.

So, if you want to make a success of your business always make sure that your website includes the following; a call to action, extremely visible contact details on every single page of your site (including telephone number and email) and perhaps a simple and easy-to-use contact form.

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