Are We The Leading or Best SEO Company in Essex?

If you want to see great results for your business in the search engines, you need to know 100% that the SEO company you choose to hire the services of, are able to achieve and deliver this for you.

Any SEO company worth their salt must be able to demonstrate with ‘real’ and ‘live’ results what they have done and can do, not for just their clients but for themselves too. If a search engine optimisation company does not demonstrate results from the skills they are charging for, for their own business, how can you possibly trust them?

Are We The Leading SEO Company in Essex?

Lets take a look at the facts first…

  • The domain name was re-registered on 7 May 2010.
  • We launched a new website at the end of May 2010.
  • The date of the first blog post we made on this website is 26 May 2010.

How We Progressed To The Top Of Google

Each and every client that works with us knows how important keyword domains play in an online strategy. We employed this tactic for our SEO company from the very beginning, when we acquired the domain name to use for our website after deciding that our main keywords are ‘SEO Essex’ .

After putting together our search engine friendly website (which is still work in progress) and implementing our SEO strategy, we soon climbed the ranks of Google. As the weeks passed, we made a note on the white board in the office everytime we our SE positions in Google changed. Here is a summary of these notes.

27 May 2010 – Straight into Google at position 33
1 June 2010 – Position 11
15 June 2010 – Position 4
19 June 2010 – Position 3
29 June 2010 – Position 2
21 July 2010 – Position 1
1 August 2010 – Position 2
4 August 2010 – Position 1

Since 4 August 2010, we have held first position on Google for ‘SEO Essex’ plus many other variations of our target keywords.

So…Have We Been Lucky To Achieve 4 Positions In The Top 10 Results Of Google?

Results speak for themselves. We are now approaching the 6 month mark of and so much has already been achieved for us and more importantly our clients. Here are some of our current achievements.

  • 3 positions from the top 10 for ‘SEO Essex’
  • 4 positions from the top 10 for ‘Essex SEO’
  • 4 positions from the top 10 for ‘Essex SEO Company’
  • 2 positions from the top 10 for ‘SEO Company Essex’
  • 3 positions from the top 10 for ‘SEO Company in Essex’

This is just an example of what we have done for our own website – Google domination. We are an SEO company who has demonstrated what we can do for your business too.

So..are we the leading or best SEO company in Essex? The evidence is out there.

Are You Serious About Getting Your Website To The Top Of Google?

Still not convinced? Take a look here at some of our other page 1 results. Maybe search engine optimisation is just luck? What do you think?

If you are a serious business owner who wants to get to the top of Google and work with a friendly, professional, no-nonsense SEO company in Essex, please contact us today. We will be delighted to hear from you.

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