Discover the Top 5 Solutions to Your E-Commerce Site Problems

If you have an e-commerce website or are set to launch your first e-commerce site very shortly, there may be an important detail that you have overlooked. Even when you have tested your masterpiece, there is still that special something that requires your attention and that is… SEO.

When completed successfully, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) can effectively assist is generating heightened levels of traffic and conversions, providing the perfect opportunity to boost sales and increase your profits. More often than not, we speak to businesses who have spent many thousands of pounds or dollars on their ecommerce websites that have never actually cut the mustard and performed well enough for their business. When we get to look inside at the guts of the site and how it has been developed we identify a number of common problems. Let’s take a look at the top 5 problems and address them with a solution.

Problem 1: Content – It is essential that the content you feature on your website – specifically descriptions and disclaimers about your products – are completely genuine. It can be difficult to add keywords into these descriptions and maintain a natural writing flow. When your content isn’t correct or finished, it can stop customers continuing to browse your site. If you look at the homepage of e-commerce sites, you will see that the content itself remains limited due to the products being displayed against big and bold prices.

Solution: Aim to generate plenty of space on your ‘home page’ or even your ‘about us’ to make enough room for other appropriate content. By doing so, you can communicate the benefits of your product or services to your website visitors,which will create an opportunity to put keywords in place more easily. You can also use this opportunity to expand on the product category pages by discussing the history of your product in more detail. A blog page or news page is a further opportunity to add more content and draw in more organic traffic.

Problem 2: URL Paths– This problem can have a big effect on your organic traffic with ecommerce platforms/software/developers using long and non-descriptive URL’s.

Solution: URL’s of each page on your site must be SEO friendly and descriptive to the content of its respective page. More information on this is explained in our free report called 3 of the Biggest & most Common SEO Mistake You Should Avoid.

Problem 3: Broken Links – This can happen. A good likeness of this is if you have a ladder in your tights (for the ladies…and for some guys 🙂 ) which you don’t notice for a number of hours – then a friend kindly tells you right at the END of the day. A similar occurrence can happen to your website; there are numerous pages where somehow or another your products have been hidden or removed. Despite this, Google would have already indexed these pages prior to this happening and not taken them off its index, meaning visitors are still able to click on them. When a visitor clicks on a page that has been hidden or removed, they are most likely to see a message similar to this ‘404 Error – Sorry this page has been removed’, which could put people off visiting your site and in-turn lose you custom.

Solution: Set up a diversion route or 301 Redirect. The best way is to create a redirection of the URL that no longer exists and automatically redirect to it’s newer URL. This can be done by creating a redirect in the htaccess file or an appropriate plugin or extension for CMS platforms like WordPress and Magento.

Problem 4: Images – Hosting an e-commerce site with no images is asking for trouble. It’s like owning a coffee shop but having no coffee for sale, it’s a recipe for disaster.

Solution: Be sure to include high quality images on your website. In an ideal world, 3 to 4 images of each product at different angles would be a superb effort. These can assist hugely in conversions, whilst also providing a great opportunity to optimise Alt Tags too. Do not forget to add these tags to each and every image with the name of the product to assist when Google crawls your site.

Problem 5: Meta Information– When working on Meta tags, a client may ask whether it’s possible to rank for both singular and plural terms – the answer to this is YES! Initially however, it is advisable to look at the search volumes for each of those keywords. For example, if laptops and laptop have varying search volumes, it is important to target one more than the other, but what happens if they have similar search volumes?

Solution: Think on your feet and opt to add both keywords into your title tag in a unique manner, rather than stuffing. Here is an example: Cheap Laptops: Buy Cheap Laptop From £250 from This example shows how both the singular and plural version can be included in the title tag. Meta description tags do not count towards the ranking of your site, but should still be made enticing to encourage visitors to click through your site. Finally, a further tip to take on board is to add unique Meta tags to each and every one of your product pages – this can be time consuming, but worth it.

There are many more tips that could help you when applying SEO to your e-commerce website, but above are the most essential ones, I hope you find them of use. And don’t forget, you can download our free report, 3 of the Biggest & most Common SEO Mistake You Should Avoid that can also be applied to your ecommerce website.

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