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In the aftermath of the recent Penguin update’s destruction, an avalanche of tips and survival strategies on how to beat Penguin has saturated the web. Numerous experts and sites have come forward offering panic-stricken website owners an array of quick-fix tips and advice on how to help restore their websites to their previous positions on Google. However, it has now been over a month since the Penguin update side-lined us all and somebody is still yet to suggest a strategy that actually works.

Re-Discover How To Get Back Into Google’s Good Books

As everybody knows by now, Google Penguin was created by Google in an attempt to put a stop to the use of ‘unethical’ SEO techniques and help clear the web of a lot of spammy content. However, since the update and despite the guidelines being there, there has been much confusion as to what Google is actually looking for from a site, as there have been many cases of sites that even though they are using only legitimate SEO and good-quality content and have a natural link footprint they have also suffered a hit and seen their rankings dramatically fall.

Because of this, many people are now suffering from a lack of confidence in their sites, continually asking themselves questions such as ‘how many keywords will count as keyword stuffing’ or ‘I have an affiliate site, will content from a partner site count as duplicate content?’.

Is it possible to give a definite answer to any of these questions? The answer is no. Therefore, when there is little certainty on the best ways to restore your website’s ranking there is really only one thing that you can do – continue to keep providing good quality content as well as watch and learn from your competitors. When you spend time closely analysing the sites of the post-penguin top ten websites ranking for your target keywords, this reverse-engineering process can help you to discover what it is that makes their site’s so attractive to Google and apply it to your own sites.

Keywords – How Many Is Too Many?

By closely studying the top-ranking sites of your competitors the answer should be simple! When analysing the top ten websites ranking for your keyword, all you have to do is consider the following:

–       The number of keywords used in the anchor texts

–       The number of keywords used throughout the general site content

–       The number of keywords used within the titles

By closely analysing the keyword density (the number of keywords in comparison to the amount of text) of your competitors, you can gather a greater understanding of what Google are looking for in a website.

Construct A Successful Content Strategy

Let’s use an example – if you are the owner of a large and busy e-commerce site, your website is at higher risk of containing duplicated content. Different people will try to offer you different recommendations on how to avoid this; through the employment of canonical tags or use of 301 redirects.

So, how do you know what course of action will work best for you? Once again, the only way in which you can see for yourself what truly works is to look closely at the top ten sites ranking within your niche. How do they use robots.txt instructions and 301 redirects? Are some of their pages restricted from indexing, and if so, are there duplicates of these pages on their site?

By observing how your main competitors have avoided duplicated content on their website you can utilise a similar strategy and also avoid being penalised by Google for duplicated content.

Uncover And Exploit Your Competitors’ Link Strategies To Your Benefit

Finally, the most important question on every website owner’s mind is ‘what about links’? Backlinks can make or break a site, especially since the changes to Google’s algorithm.

Google loves, loves, loves a site with an abundance of good-quality or natural links and will reward sites with these with a higher ranking within the search engines. However, it is well-known that Google also despises link spam and all that is associated with it i.e. paid links, links from blog networks and link farms, as well as any other forms of ‘black hat’ link building.

However, what should you do if your site has been penalised despite using legitimate links only? And how can you even be sure which links Google will trust and which they will not? The answer of course is to take a look at what link building strategies your main competitors have employed and carry out a similar strategy for your own link-building efforts.

When we analyse the link-building efforts of another website we will usually ask ourselves the following questions in order to gather the best possible information for your site’s success:

–       Are they carrying out guest blogging?

–       Are there links coming in from a wide assortment of sources or are the majority of their links from high-PR sites?

–       Does forum/blog commenting play a part in their link-building strategy?

–       Have they been using link bait?

By learning more about the link-building strategies that have helped your competitors to be rewarded higher rankings by Google; you too can help your site to the top.

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