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When looking to hire a technical assistant, most businesses will focus, justifiably, on technical talent, this includes the likes of developers and engineers. This is understandable, as the talent of developers and engineers are needed to build websites, apps and software.

Despite the essential skill of a developer, you should never under estimate the power of a good writer. You’ll be surprised just how much value a writer can bring to your company. Many businesses that are just starting out will allocate a writing task to the staff member that is most competent at writing. Yet, the companies with a little more funding are beginning to hire professional writers, as they have come to realise that an excellent writer can bring a hugely positive impact to their business.  Dependant on the level of written work that requires completion will depend on whether you require a writer on a full time or part time basis. Regardless of the hours required, it is worth seeking out a writer who understands the industry in which you work and cares about the future of the company.

Enhancing Your Website

It’s important to acknowledge the sheer importance of your website. Your website is the face of your company, which is why it simply must be up to scratch. In order to design, build and create a successful website the following four occupations are required; a designer, a developer, a SEO technician and a writer.

Finding someone with all four of these skills would be amazing, but unlikely. If you can afford to, having a professional in each field would be more beneficial than having someone who can do all four, but who’s limited. Whatever you do, try not to hold back on the writing talent. One of the main reasons for this being that you will require a vast amount of copy to rank in the search engines and the copy included should be clear and concise, whilst being professional and full of personality and of course, adding value.

Boosting Your Blog

Once your website is up and running, you should begin thinking about your blog. A blog is a superb way in which to bring traffic, leads and links to boost your domain’s SEO value. When writing blogs, be sure to have a regular publishing schedule and make sure your blog has a positive influence on your brand. In order to have a blog written to its highest possible potential, you should employ a professional writer who understands your industry and is familiar with existing blogs in your niche. The blog content must be both valuable and original. Without regular updates, your blogs will be pretty useless.

High Value Content for Lead Generation

If you’re looking for a positive and effective form of lead generation, content marketing is hugely effective. By having a professional writer to write and submit regular posts for your blogs as well as other articles, they can create an effective awareness of your brand. A writer can create a range of effective materials, such as e-books, e-guides and further marketing material in order to help generate leads. This will allow you to gain top end cliental of who are in the information-seeking stage and who can be nurtured further via email campaigns.

Raising Your Profile

A further effective way in which to raise your profile is to enter your business into a selection of different awards. No matter how small or large the awards may be, if it results in winning an award that can help you to boost your company, this is great publicity for your business. Awards are a superb vote of confidence to bring to investors, whilst allowing you the perfect opportunity to show off your site as a symbol of trust.

Effective Email Campaigns

Email campaigns are still an effective form of marketing, yet their effectiveness still depends on the quality of the writing. Featuring strong subject lines will grab your readers’ attention, whilst having a call to action will help to drive clicks and conversions. Just find a writer who believes in good marketing through using testing and analytics, as good writing works with your audience.

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