Has SEO Increased In Difficulty? Find Out What SEO Essex Thinks

With an array of Google updates changing the appearance and functionality of the world’s number 1 search engine, many internet users think that SEO has now become more difficult. Yet, this simply is not the case.

In order for your website to be successful, there are five things that you should aim to deliver:

1) Progressing Techniques

Not only Google, but other search engines are persistently altering their algorithms. So, things being implemented today via SEO may work today, but not tomorrow. This is why it’s vital that you stay one step ahead of the game. This can be achieved either via staying on top of the latest changes or by implementing an SEO software tool.

2) Gaming Google Is Best Avoided

If you want to game Google, be warned as this could take longer than sticking to normal practises as it requires far more work. We would certainly recommend that you do it right the first time, as Google is likely to detect any tricks you may have up your sleeve.

If you are up to dirty tricks, your website will more than likely be penalised by Google, meaning your time, efforts and money were wasted, what’s more – legitimate efforts are far likely to prove more effective and last longer.

Whilst there are many SEO companies that promise instant results through SEO (many at low prices), they are more than likely lying to you! This is because effective SEO necessitates an efficient strategy as well as investing time and energy.

3) Controlling Your Website

There are factors that you can control and factors that you can’t – for instance, your website is within your control, yet factors such as; what your competitors do and what Google does, is out of your control. If a new site comes along with a brand new tool that will change the market, this is also out of your control.

4) Website Content Is King

There is no point gaining lots of traffic if your website will only dissatisfy visitors. Elements of your site that are likely to disappoint your viewers include poor content and navigation difficulty. When users read your content, they do not want to see spelling or grammatical errors nor do they want to see content that makes no sense or that de-values your site overall.

The content your visitors want to see is that of well-written, punctual and grammatically correct content, which explains to the visitor why they should use your product or service and what’s in it for them. If you feel writing valuable and enticing content is not your forte, it may be worth paying a professional to do so instead.

5) Focusing On Your Website, Not The Latest Marketing Trends

Be it Instragram, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook or any other marketing trend, these will not improve your website if the fundamentals of your website are not correct. In addition to this, any feeble attempts at a social media campaign will also have a negative effect. If it’s your conversion rate that you are looking to increase, it is advisable that you focus on one thing at a time.

If you stick to doing the right things, your website should and will get to the top of the rankings for Google as well as other search engines. Just ensure that you remain focused and keep your eye on the ball and avoid unnecessary distractions.

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