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Did You Know That The Return On Investment From Email Marketing Exceeds The ROI Of Any Other Marketing Channel?

If you are not achieving a high ROI, it’s time you discovered how to get more out of your email marketing campaign budget…

Would you be able to expect a relationship to develop with a close family member if you didn’t speak to one another very often? If you were dating and you both didn’t communicate with regular, meaningful and interesting information, would this form the basis of a long-term relationship?

Communicating with your customers works the same way and email marketing certainly helps you do that.

We help businesses like yours and would like you to ask yourself these questions:

  • How many customers do you have?
  • How often do you contact your customers and prospects?
  • What is your primary incentive to acquire repeat business?
  • How do you capture the information of your prospective customers?
  • How well is your website pulling in new business for you?
  • How willingly do your customers and prospects provide you with their information?

As a business owner, you’re always looking for more ways to grow your business with more sales, repeat business and by strengthening, profitable relationships with your customers and email marketing is a powerful tool for achieving this. There are still a lot of business owners who are unaware of how to effectively increase profits by incorporating this tactic into their online marketing mix.

Offering the highest return on investment, email marketing is often an easy, immediate and once set up an inexpensive tool that helps boost sales and profits.

We work with our clients to collect in an ethical, 100% non-intrusive way, the information of potential customers and prospects for permission-based email marketing. You know how critical following up is with your customers is for business success.

It doesn’t matter how many customers or leads you need to contact, your email marketing campaign requires no extra effort. Consider the level of effort required to manually make contact with just one of your customers and compare this to how much more effort would be required to replicate this for 5,000 customers for exmple – a lot! With an effective email marketing campaign, your customer or prospect information can be easily collected on your website using an automated process that works all around the clock. Maintain contact with your customers couldn’t be easier, with a series of scheduled autoresponders to send out – to as many or as little contacts in your list.
As a business owner, time is always of the essence and with an effective email marketing campaign in motion, this completely solves the problem of finding the time to maintain regular communication with your customers as the whole process works for you 24-7.

The 7 Touch Rule – How Often Are You Reaching Out To Your Potential Customers?

Depending on your market or industry, the number of times it takes for you to communicate with your customers before they spend money with you, can vary anywhere between 7 and 30 touches. We recommend to all of our clients, that an email marketing campaign should start with at least 7 touches.

Some people take longer than others to convert and this is why it is important to continue communicating with them. Some may not even be ready to buy for another year or even two – but if you maintain communication with them in an ethical way, you will remain at the forefront of their mind when they are ready to spend money with a company like yours.

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