Is Your Web Design Company Losing You Money

Do You Know The Secret To Online Success?

It doesn’t matter if you are a small family-run business or a multi-national company enjoying worldwide success, the Internet is becoming an increasingly competitive place, saturated with countless businesses competing for the attention of online users and the top 10 positions on Google. However, considering the vital importance that the Internet has in the success of businesses in this modern age means that for all businesses the struggle to stay on the top is never over. Keeping your business alive and profitable through the Internet is a marathon, not a sprint, and ensuring that you are taking all of the correct steps has never been so important.

So, what is the secret to online success? No longer considered a secret (although far too many businesses still ignore its importance), Internet marketing is the key to unlocking a business’s full potential and gaining the exposure and sales that are so badly needed for a business to become successful. Bluntly put, without good Internet marketing your business is doomed. Without effective marketing where will you find customers? And without customers where will your profit come from? And without profit…do you get the picture?

When you are looking to grow and develop your business into a profitable success, your Internet marketing is as important as your offline marketing – if not more. Whereas before, businesses would create a website as their online marketing and simply wait for customers to find them, in today’s highly competitive market this is nowhere near enough to become the dominating force within your market that you long to be.

Is Your Web Designer Costing You A Fortune?

Many businesses that are looking to market their business online usually fall into the trap of mistakenly relying on a web designer company to create a website for them. However, the problem with choosing a web designer (without disrespect to them) to create your website for you is that you will only end up with a website that is an expense to your business, rather than the sales tool it needs to be. This is for several reasons; firstly, the web designers that businesses usually turn to are more like graphic designers rather than marketing experts. Therefore, although they may be able to offer you an ‘all-singing, all-dancing’ website which is nice to look at, it will not be able to get you the results that you are looking to achieve. Many web designers lack any understanding or knowledge of what it takes to get a website to the top of Google or how to successfully transform traffic into profitable sales. As a result, the majority of businesses that turn to a web designer often find that they are left with a nice-looking but expensive website that is left to sit there and do nothing but collect ‘virtual dust’.

Find Out How Your Website Can Be Transformed From An Expense Into A Lean Mean Money Making Machine…

As experienced SEO experts, marketing consultants and web designers, we understand that sales and profits do not happen by themselves – people are not out there specifically searching for your website. To make money and gain customers you need to have VISIBILITY. Your business needs to be staring your customers in the face!

It is a common misconception that businesses have to choose between an ‘attractive’ website or a ‘functional’ site that makes money. This is not true. We understand how to deliver solutions that provide a return on investment.  With our experience in providing businesses with professional websites that not only look good for their brand image, but also function as 24/7 money-making machines for their business. By ensuring that your website is fully search engine optimised, your site will find itself ranking amongst your biggest competitors at the top of Google – giving you increased online visibility and helping to increase the amount of traffic that is being directed to your site.  When we are responsible for creating a website our expert team also work hard to ensure that the website’s on-site content is also completely optimised, resulting in a greater conversion rate, which can mean only one thing for your business – more profit.

So, what would you prefer – a pretty website that nobody can find, or a professional site that acts as a 24/7 salesman for your business? If you are interested in achieving profitable and measurable results with a high-ranking, professional website, why not speak to us today to learn more about what our SEO web design team could offer you? If you would like to see some examples of the websites we have designed, take a look at our web design porfolio and all the different packages we offer to suit your business and requirements.

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