Making Sure Your SEO Copywriting Is Spot On For Both Humans And Search Engines

SEO Copywriting is a technique of writing relevant content for websites that contain target keywords. Highly optimised web page content contains keywords that are included in certain frequencies and densities and contribute to higher rankings in the search engines for the particular target keyword and terms. SEO copywriting also includes the optimisation of the on-site elements (i.e. title tags, description, keywords, h tags etc).

Nothing pleases search engines more than finding relevant content. Google, in particular, wants to find good, quality and relevant information. Websites with the most informative and relevant content that matches a particular search is rewarded with a higher rank in the search engine, which in turn represents more authority and importance.

The use of target keywords is crucial in the ranking of your website, especially as search engine algorithms are constantly evolving. Research shows that 85% of the total factors that affect page ranking are based on activities that are happening off-page. Search engines determine the relevance of your site through links from “reputable sites” and site text content. Google places high value on what others think about your content. If high-ranking, authoritative websites link to your page, it simply means that they consider your page relevant enough for them to link to. The words that they used to describe it in their links are also significant indications of quality and relevance.

Getting links from authoritative sites is one of the most challenging and difficult aspect of Search Engine Optimisation. When social networking sites emerged and gave birth to social media marketing, this created a phenomenal effect in the field of SEO as it allows ordinary internet users to, knowingly or unknowingly, contribute to the success of their own websites. They cast their vote on which contains relevant contents by linking, bookmarking or tweeting it. This recent development has given website owners a wake-up call. Now, modern SEO copywriting involves the crafting of the freshest, the most compelling and interesting content so that other people will want to promote it by linking or sharing it to the world until it becomes viral. In addition, when writing content for your site it has evolved from just throwing in a bunch of words to now getting into the minds and hearts of your users. The aim is to produce website copy that contains all the right ingredients of good content that compel visitors to emotionally invest in the site by linking to it. These activities will create an impression amongst search engines that is translated into trust, relevance and authority in your chosen field. As a result, you will be rewarded with a higher rank for your target keywords.

In summary, relevant content is the key to getting noticed by users and the authoritative links (inbound links) that your page is getting is reflective of its worth in the eyes of users and consequently, the search engines. Without disregarding the significance of other optimisation methods that must be implemented to complement an SEO efforts, it is also highly important to have an SEO friendly website.

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