Are you making the most of Google’s local business listing service?

When we talk about SEO, it includes, not just your organic search listing but your local listing too. Organic search listing is the favourable rank given to a website by a search engine as a result of its relevance. Organic search listings are not paid for and the search engines are the ones that decide whether or not a site is important.

Local listings, on the other hand, rely on geographically targeted pages. This appears whenever customers affix a location to their keywords (e.g. Essex SEO company). Other times, search engines provide results basing on particular post codes, search terms or categories. Local listings appear next to the little map at the top of the Google search results. Keep in mind that this listing is specific to the area you have added with your search terms. This process narrows down the search to businesses that are more conveniently accessible to that location. Like SEO in general, local SEO is also about target keywords except with the geographical query as the modifier. Therefore, it is also imperative that the keywords you target are related to the products or services that your business offers.

There are a growing number of potential customers or leads gravitating towards local listings versus a paid and sometimes organic listing. These potential customers are specifically looking to do business in their local area.

It is relatively easy to place your business into the local business directories. The most popular local business listing service is offered through Google Maps as it has a wider reach due to its huge base of users. One of the most important features of a Google Map listing is the “review page” where previous clients can comment on their experience of dealing with you, and on the quality of your service and products. Testimonials or product reviews give other users the confidence to make a decision on whether or not they wish to carry out any business with any particular company. This is something a lot of businesses with local listings are missing and when used to its potential, this gives you better chance to attract more leads and generate more profit, as well as establish your company’s authority and reputation in the internet.

If you haven’t noticed, recently, Google has been placing search results with local listings in its search pages. This gives an indication of how many businesses and customers are now using the Internet for in the local search marketing field.

Google Maps is very essential for your own business as it can help you to boost traffic and increase leads, enquiries and profit. If your organisation is not yet taking advantage of using local business listings, you are missing out on attracting local people who want to find a business just like yours.

Getting your business listed on Google’s Local Business Listing is free to do and you can have your own listing in no time at all. At SEO Essex we are experienced in optimising your listing so that it appears above your competitors in Google Maps. If you want to discuss your local search marketing strategy and find out how we can help the internet marketing for your business, please contact one of our SEO Experts.

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