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Off-page or off-site SEO is the missing link to your online success…

What Is Off Page SEO?

Good on-page SEO alone will not guarantee you masses of online traffic and successful rankings in the search engines. In order to achieve high rankings and stand out from your competitors it is critical that well thought out and structured off page SEO techniques are carried out within your strategy – essentially this is link building.

All off page SEO strategies should employ link building as this is the key to increasing the popularity of a website. Google’s main objective is to provide all search users with the very best, relevant and up to date information that matches the searched keywords. As a result, Google will want to only direct search users to a website which is popular within its field.

How is link building vital to helping a website’s popularity?
The more links that are pointing to a site the better as the search engines see these ‘links’ or ‘paths’ as a vote of confidence. With more links (or we can look at them as votes of confidence) the search engines will consider your website to be an authority within its marketplace or niche. This is because every inbound link that directs traffic to your website will be recognised by the search engines as confirmation of your website’s credibility. Therefore, the greater the number of good quality links that are being directed to your site, the more you will stand out from your competitors in the search engine pages.

By utilising a number of various link building techniques, all of which are designed to gain your website increased exposure and recognition, your website can steadily make its way to the top of Google. Having said this, we understand and place great importance on ensuring that your links come from sites that have authority within a related industry. It is very easy to build many inbound links but if they are low quality links there is the danger that they will have little effect, no effect or even a long-term negative impact.

It is extremely important that your website continues to grow in both popularity and size, so the importance of link building should not be underestimated. A poor network of links could be completely detrimental to your site; however, with the right link building strategies the benefits for your website can be astonishing.

The Benefits Of Off Site SEO

Increase Return on Investment
In comparison to any other form of marketing, off site SEO can guarantee you an extremely high rate of Return On Investment. It doesn’t matter how much money you have spent on the design and creation of an ‘all singing and all dancing’ website – without that much-needed traffic your website will become a fruitless expense gathering nothing but ‘virtual dust’.  Because of this, we consider link building to be an essential part of our off page SEO services as it is what transforms your website from an expense into a profitable investment.

Attract Targeted, Ready To Buy Customers
As a result of SEO, your website will benefit from an increase in the number of visitors who are actively searching for a specific product or service which your business offers. This is great news for your website’s conversion rate as your website will be gaining greater exposure to ready to buy customers. This can only mean one thing – more profit!

Long Term Rankings & Authority
Once we have begun implementing the best off page SEO strategies for your website, it will begin on the journey to long term rankings. The increased visibility that you’re off site SEO has afforded you should also help you to gain authority as a leading competitor within the search engine results in either your niche market – helping you to gain more search customers.

Higher Perceived Brand Value
Effective off page SEO is probably one of the most cost-effective ways in which you can achieve worldwide recognition for your business’s brand. For a comparatively low investment you are providing your business with exposure to international online audiences with whom you have an opportunity to promote your business and establish yourself as a well-trusted and creditable brand.

The Search Engines Never Sleep
Imagine having a salesman who is promoting your business to a worldwide audience on a 24/7 basis? With good off page SEO this is exactly what your business is getting and no one can argue with the value in that.

Cost-Effective Marketing
The best SEO off page techniques are also considered the most cost-effective in marketing. SEO is often cited as the most affordable and effective form of online marketing, as although the costs of an SEO campaign can be on-going, the high ROI that can be obtained from a successful SEO campaign makes it a low risk, sensible and many times proven investment.

More Traffic = More Sales
With effective on page SEO and off page SEO, the traffic will increase to your website and therefore result in a relative increase in sales. However, it is successful off page SEO which will be responsible for directing masses of online traffic to your site which will essentially result in one thing – more sales.

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