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Has Your Website Been Struggling To Climb Its Way To The Top Of The Search Engines Even After Months And Months Of Link Building?

Chances are your website has been designed and built for the human user but not for the search engines. A non-SEO-friendly website will always hold it back from it’s ranking potential…

What Is On-Page SEO?

Do you feel that your off-page SEO efforts have been strong but your website is still struggling to reach its full potential? If your website is having difficulty climbing to the top of Google or is unable to successfully transform traffic into sales, then you may need to take advantage of our on page SEO services. Before you can reap the rewards of a successful off page SEO campaign, you need to concentrate on perfecting your on page optimisation. On page SEO involves fully optimising your website in order to make it attractive to both search engines and customers alike. This means perfecting aspects of your website such as the URLs, Meta tags and content in order to boost your ranking within the search engines and benefit from a higher conversion rate. Arguably, choosing to have your website built from scratch by an SEO specialist web designer is often the best way of ensuring that your business’s on-site SEO is flawless, right from the very start.

The Benefits Of On Site SEO

Outrank Your Competitors In The Search Engines
With a professional and SEO friendly website design you can attract hundreds and thousands of potential online customers to your site. Effective on site SEO techniques including the optimisation of meta tags and URLs will help to make your website more appealing and easily recognisable to the search engines, helping your business to achieve a greater online presence. We place great emphasis on the importance of researching the keywords that search users are most commonly searching for within your market or niche, and use these ethically throughout your website in order to boost your popularity with the search engines. By doing this, your website will benefit from enhanced exposure to mass online audiences which in turn will help to boost your sales.

Transform Traffic Into Sales
Directing increased masses of traffic to your website and working your way up the search engine pages is just one stage in helping your business to fulfil its potential.
In order for your website to be successful it also needs to be ‘conversion rate optimised’ and therefore capable of transforming your new quantities of traffic into profitable sales for your business. To make this possible, you need a website design which is both professional and user friendly. Informative and relevant content as well as an easy to use payment process can  sometimes mean the difference between a customer who is quick to leave your site or making a lucrative sale.

Most Common On Page SEO Mistakes

Canonical URL Issues
You are probably asking yourself ‘canoni…what?’ Canonicalisation may seem like a long word but it is actually a small detail which you need to get right. Canoniclisation is basically whether you want your website’s URL’s to begin with a ‘www’ or not. It may seem simple enough, but too many websites often forget to ensure that both their internal and external links are all using the same URL structure. This is a small detail but it can be confusing for the search engines, which are always looking out for consistency. Whilst designing your website we always ensure that your URLs have been correctly canonicalised to ensure that the search engines can read them correctly and award you with a higher ranking.

Keyword Littering
Including targeted keywords and key phrases in your website’s content, meta tags and URLs is vital in helping both the search engines and customers to recognise precisely what your website is offering. Fortunately, this is an extremely straightforward on page SEO technique to take advantage of. However, with the overuse of keywords or ‘keyword littering’ as it is often called, you can run a risk of doing more harm than good.

Black Hat
Good SEO is about trying to make your website more visible to the online search users who are specifically searching for your goods or services. However, many websites try to use what is commonly referred to as ‘Black hat SEO’ in order to manipulate or cheat search engines into rewarding them a higher ranking without necessarily having much connection to either the search term or niche. By doing this, you are simply wasting both yours and the search users time as you do not have what they are searching for and as a result will receive neither their loyalty nor custom. We take pride in carrying out ethical procedures to then have an optimised site that will rank highly and attract targeted and ready to buy customers for your business.

Sneaky Links
Sneaky links are futile to the success of your website, as not only do they suggest that your site is untrustworthy and unethical in its treatment of search users but it also does absolutely nothing for your website’s rank within the search engines. Examples of sneaky links include one-pixel links, links that have been blended into the background and link-stuffing at the bottom of the page.

Source Code And Tags
The majority of our clients come to us with sites that were designed by ‘web designers’ who have no understanding of SEO or marketing. As a result, they have a site which is then designed and built from a human user perspective; this may look great visually, but they usually have a source code which is poorly structured and incorrectly uses ‘meta tags’ and ‘heading tags’ (if at all). If you understand these basic technical terms then you will understand why these issues demand urgent attention. Either way, we invest a lot of our time and expertise in getting this right for all of our clients before steaming forward with a highly targeted link building campaign.

Duplicate Content
High-quality, unique content is probably one of the most important on page SEO factors to consider when you are hoping to obtain an SEO-friendly website design. Within the realms of SEO unique content is king, as you want to provide each customer to visit your site with relevant and exceptional-quality content which they are unable to find anywhere else. We make unique content a priority in all of our web and SEO practices which is why we use only the very best in-house writers (nothing is outsourced) to produce content that will make you stand out from even your biggest competitors.

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