How To Protect Your Website With SEO In 2013

With 2012 out the way, it’s time to focus on 2013 and see what’s in store for us, but before we can do that, it’s worth having a think about what we have learnt from 2012. Firstly, we have learnt that Google isn’t giving up on targeting low-value tactics. What with the thirteen Panda updates not to mention the Penguin update, Google has cracked down on many internet strategies employed by a vast amount of internet users. This has resulted in many sites experiencing a drop in rankings.

Without knowing what Google’s next move is, it’s difficult to ascertain what you can do to avoid being targeted, but one things for sure, there is certainly more to come. So, what can you do to protect your hard-earned efforts of 2012 in 2013?

Here, at SEO Essex, we have thought of 5 helpful tips to put in place for 2013. Firstly, if you’re thinking about single-tactic approaches, you’re already making a big mistake. Single-tactic approaches are only effective in the short term, which is why it’s essential you utilise a variety of tactics in order for your site to be a success in 2013. See our five pointers crucial to the SEO success of your website, below;

1.) Anchor Text

Since the Penguin update, we have recognised that aggressive inbound link anchor text is asking for trouble. For example, if your website sells perfume and the links on your site reads ‘buy designer Perfume cheap Perfume today’, this looks like spam. The sentence is not grammatically correct, nor is it natural. In order to make your anchor text look natural, stop over-thinking your strategy. Instead, a solid link profile is going to naturally utilise text that is relevant and will appear in context.

2. Links

Taking advantage of link-building tactics can cause detrimental effects to your website. Reading tips about how guest posts can create respectable links has resulted in many people publishing the same slapped-together rubbish, yet on a higher volume of websites. Yet, doing such a thing will only lead to your rankings dropping significantly.

If you want to do well in 2013, we recommend that you employ more than one tactic and that the tactics you employ take up at least a little brain power. Investigate where your links came from throughout 2012 and think about trying something a little different. By diversifying your profile, your direct risk will be reduced.

3. Traffic Sources

By relying on Google, you could be risking your livelihood. Many of us are dependent on Google for traffic, so what would you do if something changed overnight? Declaring that all your tactics are white-hat and that you follow the rules exactly is great, but do you understand the rules that Google set 100% and what would you do if the rules changed at a moment’s notice?

Even by following the rules precisely, your website traffic could drop at the click of a finger, then what would you do? So, for 2013, it’s vital that you think beyond Google. This may be a difficult concept and it’s likely to require both time and money, but in the long-term, it will be worth it.

4. Marketing

Considering your marketing in broader terms has begun to be a positive trend in recent months. Rather than considering ways in which to fool people into liking you, you can instead build-up a better way to entice your customers. Everything you do is marketing if you create something good and believe in it. Yet, if you create rubbish and you know that its rubbish, you are going to have difficulty in gaining customers for life.

Rather than taking shortcuts, think hard about what you do and why you do it, to ensure the things that you do are adding value, rather than detracting value. If you need assistance, speak to an SEO and marketing expert (here at SEO Essex, we’re always happy to help). Discover what your company does that’s exciting, unique and that rings true with your customers, then maximise your profits by incorporating these factors into your marketing.

5. Point of View

For those of you who say your industry is boring… think how your customers must feel? If you find that you’re only thinking negatively about your work and your website, it’s important that you take time out, in order to assess things differently.

Why not get an employee to give you a tour of your office, as though you’ve never seen it before or walk around your local town as though it’s the first time you’ve ever visited? By doing so, you’ll observe finer details, things that you would miss on a normal, day-to-day basis. Additionally, get some of your friends to take a look at your website, in order to gain constructive feedback for a newer, crisper perspective.

It’s important to generate original and unique ideas for your website, in order to keep it fresh and innovative. With a new year just beginning, this couldn’t be a better time to gain a new perspective on things and to start a fresh. By having a passion for the subject that you’re selling, your customers will too.

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