Search Engine Optimisation

When It Comes To Search Engine Optimisation, Did You Know That The Number 1 Position On Google Gets 42% Of The Clicks?

Below the top spot, the percentages drop drastically. If you are ranking past page two of search results, your website is missing out on a lot of clicks…

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is your site listed on Google?
  • Do you know what your customers are searching for?
  • Does your site rank well for relevant searches?
  • Is your website optimised and accessible?
  • How well is your website pulling in new business for you?
  • Do you know how many visitors your site receives?

If you answered “I don’t know” or “No” to one or most of these questions we can help you and your business.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is without doubt one of the most cost effective and powerful tools used in marketing for generating high volumes of qualified and targeted traffic. If you want your company to succeed in the web economy, optimising your site for search engines is vital.

At SEO Essex, we are passionate about what we do and we believe that in order to achieve the best possible SEO results for our clients, is fundamental to work closely throughout the entire SEO services process by informing, inspiring and educating in all the areas we work within.

We are committed to increasing exposure for our optimisation clients by achieving first page positions using the latest ethical SEO techniques. Search Engine Optimisation is becoming increasingly more attractive to businesses due to its high return for investment. Many businesses are failing online because they use ‘SEO cowboys’ or they are arrogantly implementing their own SEO strategy which lacks the knowledge and experience required to gain exposure in the organic and natural search engine results. SEO is a technical and keyword driven process so when an effective SEO strategy is implemented correctly, many first page listings for relevant keywords and phrases can be achieved – and this is much more lucrative compared to PPC (Pay Per Click) in the long term.

The SEO Process

Stage 1:
We recommend a face to face meeting to discuss, identify and analyse your current website looking at goals, ranks, keywords, keyphrases and challenges.

Stage 2:
Your market will then be researched, your competitors identified and their websites analysed for information such as size, age, inbound links, keyword density, quality of content and meta data. This analysis not only enables us to form a good understanding of what needs to be done to contend with your competitors on the first page of the search engines, but a conception of how to rise above them.

Stage 3:
In order to drive traffic to your website once rankings have been gained, we collaborate to determine which keywords and keyphrases you think your customers or hot prospects are searching for to find websites and businesses like yours. To begin with this list is quite broad, so with our SEO tools we will continue to research, drill down and identify more keywords and keyphrases that your target market actually search for.

Stage 4:
Once all of the analysis has been completed of your website, your competition, and the keywords and keyphrases to target, we are ready to implement the search engine optimisation strategy.

If you wish to discuss your SEO challenges or get more information, please contact us and speak to one of our experienced SEO Consultants. We would be delighted to hear from you.

SEO Link Building

Your website can not establish authority purely from on page search engine optimisation – it must be earned from a combination of different SEO tactics and one of the most essential being link building. Every effective SEO strategy must employ link building to improve website popularity in the search engines.

Every inbound link pointing to your website is considered by the search engines as a vote of confidence – however link popularity can make or break your SEO campaign. Although you may have many inbound links from many different sites, search engines will reward a site with good link popularity if the links are coming from sites with high quality, relevant content and high authority in your industry.

Getting Your On Page SEO Right

Your on page SEO is implemented using the analysis established from the keyword research stage. Your keywords and keyphrases will be strategically placed within your web page and content to enable search engines to retrieve your website in search results. On page search engine optimisation should be implemented on every page focusing on domain name, URL paths, title tags, meta title and description tags, heading tags, and well written, relevant, keyword targeted content.

Consistent And Sustained Off Page SEO Techniques

Growing your websites popularity through off page SEO will increase its ranking by developing a network of high quality links (as explained above for SEO Link Building). High quality links can be gained from various sources, such as on blogs and forums when you sign up and participate, and also by writing high value content will attract natural inbound links.

Local Search Marketing

Local search engine marketing or GEO SEO is a fast growing technique although still unknown by many. Everyday there are plenty of people and ready to buy customers searching for local businesses to supply them – and if your website is nowhere to be seen, your competitors are going to benefit from web traffic, enquires, sales and profits.
Although optimising for localised search terms has less search volume and less competition than general or regional searches, when harnessed effectively, this search engine optimisation technique will help increase your exposure by allowing local, qualified and ready to buy customers to find your website.

Contact us today and let us help your business to capture the top local searches on Google, so you not your competition are found first when people are looking for your service.

Directory & URL Submissions

Directory submissions is one of the most basic and easiest tactics in a SEO strategy to quickly gain new inbound links. There are many companies offering services of firing submissions out to hundreds of directories for very low prices, but it would be worth evaluating the directories first, being selective and manually submitting your entry to only the quality ones.

On-Going SEO Services

SEO Essex provide our optimisation clients with a realistic timeframe on work to be completed. The algorithms of search engines are ever-changing and this underlines the importance of choosing an SEO company who are equipped with the knowledge and experience to adapt to these changes. Always striving to improve the performance of our client websites, we continue to implement our ethical SEO techniques to retain and strengthen positions in the search engines.

We maintain regular contact with our clients to ensure we meet your requirements, expectations and full analysis on search engine performance, traffic and conversion rates.

Why work with us?
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  • Years of SEO & marketing experience since 1999 – We’ll use our initiative to help you
  • We only use ethical SEO methods adding value to your business & bottom
  • Our mission is to deliver YOU maximum R.O.I. from your SEO investment

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