Link Building

Did You Know That Link Building Is Critical To Successful Search Engine Rankings?

The search engines want to see link popularity to determine the weak from the strong – which one is your website?…

Your website can not establish authority purely from on page search engine optimisation – it must be earned from a combination of different search engine optimisation tactics and one of the most essential being link building. Every effective SEO strategy must employ link building to improve website popularity in the search engines.

Backlink Building

Every inbound link pointing to your website is considered by the search engines as a vote of confidence – however link popularity can make or break your SEO campaign. Although you may have many inbound links from many different sites, search engines will reward a site with good link popularity if the links are coming from sites with high quality, relevant content and high authority in your industry.

8 Benefits of Link Building

  1. It helps your website to get listed in the search engines.
  2. Your website becomes more usable and useful with a navigation and convenience links.
  3. A link offers a direct route to a particular URL. More links to more URL’s will make more routes for more traffic.
  4. Inbound links indicate trust to a human and authority to a search engine.
  5. High quality backlinks can be achieved  easily and effectively with a well thought out SEO Strategy.
  6. Links help your PageRank
  7. Links are trackable and offer market intelligence. Discover who, what, where, when, why and how, about your customers, competitors and much more.
  8. Links increase the value of your website. Good PageRank, good search engine positions, good links from websites contribute to the value of your website. Maintain your links and continue building more so that your Internet Property grows in value.

Internal Linking

The power of internal links does not carry as much clout as backlinks, but it can still have positive effects. This type of linking helps improve usability within websites and is best utilised when it can offer an opportunity to directly link to another page within your website. We can look at the keywords you are targeting to increase rankings for and use internet linking as part of your On Page SEO.

External Linking

Just like building backlinks, it is your responsibility to only link to websites that are of high value, relevance and an authority in your marketplace.

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