Video Marketing

Did You Know The 2nd Largest Search Engine in the World is YouTube?

With over 80% of the UK’s Internet audience viewing videos online, it’s time to leverage video marketing to personally connect with your target market…

Video marketing is a great tool to raise awareness of your business and brand but more importantly to connect with your customers. It’s no secret that a video will engage your customers much more effectively than just text and pictures because this medium offers the opportunity to get your message across much more quickly by directly speaking to them – at their convenience, in a non-intrusive fashion.

When you effectively communicate with your customers using Internet video, there are more benefits than just getting your message across and using it as an opportunity to connect with them on a personal level. You can demonstrate a higher value to your customers by being an expert, an authority, a trusted advisor or friend in your market.

SEO Essex will work with you to design, plan and produce effective and professional videos to engage your customers and help drive more traffic, more sales and more profits through your website.

Your Video Marketing Process – What we’ll do for you:

We have the experience to guide you through the entire process and the facilities required to film and edit professional videos.

Stage 1 – Designing and Planning
In the few days running up to the day we film, we will have a meeting to discuss your requirements and we will ask you a series of questions which will determine what content will be most effective for the videos. Depending on the video marketing package you choose, we will spend up to 2 hours planning the content information for your videos.

Stage 2 – Filming
Personally talking to prospects will significantly improve your chances of winning their trust and converting them into paying customers. This visually demonstrates your proficiency as a business,  builds rapport, gains trust and reassures your customers that you are who they need. We highly recommend that you or a colleague represents your business for your video, however if you or someone from your company doesn’t feel comfortable in front of the camera, we can arrange to use one of our professional presenters (at an additional cost).
The day of filming takes no longer than half a day

Stage 3 – Editing
Within the next 7 days we will edit your videos and have them ready for web delivery. We will help you to put these videos onto your website and incorporate these into your email marketing strategy by attaching them to your outbound emails.

Stage 4 – Video Submission
We will manually submit all your videos to all the major video sharing sites, social bookmarking sites, podcast directories, social networks and blogs.
This will take some time but this will be completed within 2-3 days. As well as this we will carry out keyword and keyphrase research so that we can optimise your video descriptions. This will be important in achieving high positions in video search engine results.

We offer the packages to suit your needs that will effectively assemble traffic from the rapidly growing social media networks.

Online Business Niche Domination – Choose from the following Video Packages

You can attract lots of extra potential customers online from all of the major video sites. We’ll create ‘text & graphic’ presentation videos or come to your place of work to film ‘question and answer’ interview style videos. We’ll then edit and create your videos and submit them to all of the major video sharing sites online. Choose from the two following Video Blaster packages with the option to continue creating and submitting more videos on a monthly basis with the monthly blaster.

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  • Years of SEO & marketing experience since 1999 – We’ll use our initiative to help you
  • We only use ethical SEO methods adding value to your business & bottom
  • Our mission is to deliver YOU maximum R.O.I. from your SEO investment

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