Why Your Website SuffersIn The Search Engines

World Wide Web domination isn’t solely reserved for the top dogs within your market. Your business may not have the budget and resources to match your competitors, but you have one invaluable resource available to you which could help you to achieve dramatically increased exposure for your business – your content.

From blog posting to press releases, email marketing to articles, exceptional quality content could be your key to greater online exposure and significantly boosted rankings with the search engines. After all, with poor quality content or no content writing strategy, how will online users get a sense of who your business really is? Or why should they choose to visit your website at all? Making the most of grammatically correct, informative and persuasive content can be vital in boosting a site’s natural links and assisting a business to achieve online domination within their target niche – however, the majority of businesses choose to ignore the importance of their content. Don’t let one of these businesses be you!

Have You Watched Business Slip Through Your Fingers As A Result Of Poor Content?

We understand, you’re simply too busy to think about spending time to create content. After all, you decided to be a business owner not a writer! However, posting a couple of blog posts and articles every now and again just won’t cut it when you want your business to reach its full potential online.

As true as it is that good quality content can make a business, it is equally as true that bad quality content can break it. Think that this is an exaggeration? Then think again and take a look at these poor examples of content writing gone horribly wrong:

This is an example from an article I recently found that was supposedly about garden furniture. However, is this the attention grabbing opening that you would wish to see in your own content?

Believe it or not this is taken from an article which was supposed to be selling the services of a carpet cleaning company. Spelling and grammatical errors aside, this content does not even give the reader any clue as to what the business is actually about. It is also an example of what can sometimes happen when businesses choose to leave their content in the hands of cheap and out-sourced ‘writers’.

Would you ever consider giving your money to a business that presented themselves within this? We would expect not. You may argue that your content is far from being this bad, however, it highlights the impact that your content can have on your reader and the fine balance that needs to be achieved in order to encourage online users to visit your site. The content you use should be reflective of what you would look for yourself in an article, blog post or website; therefore it should be well written, make use of good spelling and grammar, informative, interesting and persuasive.

Remember…Content Is King!

You now realise the importance of having the right content for your website but argue that you are still too busy or inexperienced to generate good quality content of your own. So, what do you do?

Your business may not have the finances to maintain regular blog posts or publish unlimited numbers of articles but this is of little significance; the answer to making your business stand out online is quality content, not quantity.

So, if you would like to use exceptional quality content to the advantage of your business without it impacting on your time then contact us and let our professional SEO and copy writers write your content for you. Together we can formulate an expert content writing strategy for your business which will help you to surpass your competitors and stand out to online users, all at a budget to suit you.

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